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Lollipop F


The top dance singer group in Asia!

Lollipop F consists of four members: Leader Owodog, Wayne, Fabien and William. Each of the members has his own specialty, and is brilliantly talented. Based on dance music, the band is branded as a dance/singing group. Lollipop F members are in music, drama, TV MCs and also participate in backstage production, including music writing, choreography arranging, music video shooting, editing, directing and others.

「LOLLIPOP F」→ Fever/Freedom/Faith/Future represent the four members’ shared faith and goals: Crazier dance, freer music, and face the future with strong faith and bravery.


LOLLIPOP F DANCE Let's Go! Champion Edition

Release Date: 2011/11/23


Release date: 2011/10/20

4D-Dance Power Repackage

Release date: 2010/12/12


Release date: 2010/11/06